ALEGRIA works to provide underserved youth with access to the arts, while also developing strong social skills. We combine objective art principles with the fundamental tools necessary to become productive members of society.

Our method incorporates social development skills, which teach youth the foundational tools to create art and increase their leadership potential through written and verbal exercises, into our multidisciplinary workshops led by professional teaching artists.

We introduce students to the creative stages of art: how to produce, exhibit, analyze, connect and evaluate works in different artistic mediums, while also focusing on accepting themselves and others, collaborating with peers and expressing themselves effectively. By combining concrete steps of building works of art with aspects of character development, youth make connections about how art brings potential to their lives.


Artistic Skills:



Exploring the creative process by testing avenues of inspiration, gathering materials, drafting and planning.



Presenting works and making decisions about how to best frame, light, hang or display a piece of work.



Observing and responding to their own and others' work to develop self reflection and constructive criticism skills.



Integrating works and applying connects to their daily lives while contextualizing experiences through deep thinking exercises.



Celebrating and honoring achievements while identifying ways to maintain momentum to continue to create art.

Social Skills:



Of oneself and others - concepts of anti-bullying, confidence, dignity, encouragement, integrity, pride.



Working together - concepts of following, leading, listening, sharing, teamwork.


Creative Expression

Basic communication comprehension - concepts of vision casting and vocalizing thoughts.

Areas of Focus


Exposure: Through localized arts education initiatives we are introducing youth to the joy of expression and creativity.

Knowledge: Through the development of arts education curriculum we are equipping youth with the skills to be leaders and the tools to create.

Application: Through practical implementation we are providing youth with opportunities to display their creations.


Community: Through volunteers and professional artists we are impacting youth with artistic role models and mentors.

Beautification: Through the display of diverse artistic elements we are surrounding youth with creative and beautiful learning environments.

Opportunity: Through ongoing support we are fostering communities with the ability to develop sustainable artistic endeavors and initiatives.


See our method in action and its results.